Wear Your Values


Wear your values

We've built Urai to be an archetype of what a modern-day brand should be.

With a community first, sales second approach, we place all our emphasis on uplifting local communities, minimizing our carbon-footprint and being completely transparent with our customers so that they can make a well-informed choice.

We're not  a brand, we're a community!

Ethically Made

We want to support local communities  through what we do which is why all our materials are procured from small local businesses and are crafted with the help of skilled artisans. Going local not only promotes the livelihood of local artisans, it also helps to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum because shipping is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.


Each product is hand-crafted specifically for you! This model is more environmentally friendly because it ensures that no product that wasn't required wasn't made.

Fast-fashion business model takes a heavy toll on the planet as it promotes over-consumption. People are often bombarded with "SALE 50% OFF" signs when brands want to get rid of their dead stock, which incentivizes people to buy stuff they don't need.

We want to provide you with a way to by-pass this overconsumption cycle by making a conscious choice that benefits all of us, hence made-to-order.

After all, waiting a few extra days for your clothes to arrive wouldn't cause the world to end. Quite literally!


Open Pricing

The issue with cheaper goods and fast-fashion is that the people who suffer the most are the tailors and workers in sweatshops because they are compensated very poorly for the sake of cost cutting.

Our costing is transparent because we want you to know that your actions are making a difference to these under-payed, over-exploited craftsmen.

Find the detailed cost break-up of each product on the Product page. This to ensure that you know that the artisans are compensated adequately and can shop guilt-free



Our philosophy is to be completely open with you and give you all possible information at every step along the way. In an age of misinformation and constant greenwashing, we want to give you the necessary information right from choice of materials to how much our tailors are payed, so that you can make an informed choice. We believe that you empower people more when you teach them how to think more than when you teach them what to think.

You can always get in touch with us if you have any queries and our team will be happy to help.

On each product page, find all information you need with regards to materials used, worker compensation etc. to make a well-informed purchase.