Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Being sustainable shouldn't come at the cost of poor design and lack of functionality. We've designed our products to be inclusive of all body types without compromising on aesthetics and functionality.




Every size is spoken for with our brand, our designs are all-inviting too. Our bespoke service does also cater to those needing a customized design or fit say.

We aim to support every customer’s need as such so if a particular product of ours fails to convene comfort for you, kindly reach out to us and we'll do our best to find a solution.


Isn't there something satisfying about having a place for everything and knowing exactly where what you're looking for is without looking into the bag.

Organization need not be a tedious chore. We have reimagined organization for you with our products.

All our products are crafted for use in multi-setting. Whether it be an interview  or hitting the gym after work or even shopping for groceries on the way home you shall find efficiency handy in your hand in the form of our bag.




In what universe is animal leather sustainable you ask?

All the leather that we use, upcycled or otherwise is a by-product of the meat industry. We ensure that no animal was harmed for the sole purpose of making leather by tracking the source of the skins to the farm in which the animal was raised. 

All our products use either upcycled leather or veggie-tanned leather.

We upcycle deadstock leather from manufacturing units around Chennai and make high quality hand-crafted garments. 

We use vegetable-tanned leather sourced from sustainable tanneries, which makes up less than 10% of all commercial leather. Veg-tanned leather uses natural tannins from tree bark (oak, chestnut) instead of the widely used chrome. Unlike chrome-tanned leather our veg-tanned leather is non-polluting and non-toxic, and is completely bio-degradable.


We use excess cotton or polyester linings that lie aside as deadstock waste in the manufacturing venues thus bypassing the need to create any virgin material.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Our packing, as you would see, will either be a leather drawstring bag or palm leaf bag. They too are made from respective leftover material. We employ the use of Kraft Mailer for further external covering during product delivery. All in all, we go plastic-free!



Buy Better, Buy Less!

With our long lasting products you would be buying less and saving more of the planet.


Any item purchased with us shall be taken in for service at any point of time. Your purchase shall also be looked at for upcycling following its time by your side.

Ethical Labour

We are supporting local communities in sourcing from small businesses and employing local craftsmen.


Transparent pricing

Our pricing is transparent since we intend for you to take notice of the difference you’re making in the lives of commonly underpaid yet exploited craftsmen.



Your right to information forwards our transparency; lets you see through A to Z of our business for a well-informed buying with us.